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Charter Communications
Main address: General Inquiries 63131 St. Louis MO
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  • 2 days ago
  • Other
  • The Dalles, Oregon
  • Customer Service
  • 26

Have a large yellow jacket nest inside a charter junction box. I first thought it was Century links because of the labeling on the box. So I called them to inform them of the problem. Century Link sent some one right out to deal with it. I was then informed it was a Charter communication problem. So I called Charter and their response was to call my local pest control office. I told them that the... Read more

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  • Aug 26
  • Media
  • Mandatory Set Top Boxes
  • 1
  • 1
  • 27

Just received a letter from Charter announcing the All Digital conversion. What a joke. Probably the worst marketing/communication strategy from planning to execution I've ever seen (35+ years in Fortune 100 financial services, including the tricky 2008-2009 market crash that required some serious dancing!). First of all, Charter customers have had the option of adding digital, set top boxes to... Read more

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  • Aug 25
  • Internet
  • Portage, Michigan
  • Internet Outage
  • 45

Had many internet outages. Even wrote letter to local Charter office with detailed dates and times my internet was out. Received arrogant phone call: our system does not show these outages. I did get a one month credit though. Now, every time I call about outages, and they just blame my router. Fun fact: went to Best Buy and the guys there told me NOT to replace my router. They see many ... Read more

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  • Aug 25
  • Media
  • Waterloo, Illinois
  • Internet Connection
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  • 9

Charter internet been down since 3:30 pm on Saturday. Changing Dns did not work for me. Feeling hopeless! Read more

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  • Aug 24
  • Television/ Radio
  • Big Bear, California
  • Cable Tv
  • 17

The new cable boxes Charter forced upon us a couple of months ago were causing the picture to freeze sometimes when trying to change the channels. I would end up with a solid hour of a frozen picture frame on my TIVO. My first call to Charter was frustrating. The person that spoke to me had me down as having no equipment. Wow. Then I wonder why I was paying them $160/month for 25 years? That took... Read more

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Internet always in and out, bill extremely high at $250 for only internet and basic cable, charter never willing to offer promotions to current customers. First company to get here besides them we are running. Worthless customer service as well. Add comment

Consistent poor internet connection and awful customer support. They claim 24/7 support. I have tried all day, and I still cannot get the proper help that I need. Add comment

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