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I have asked to have installation 2 times each time they just take the order say they can install then call and cancel. I am in Real Estate I need charter and I live in a rural community to don't have any other choices and want them to send someone will take their time. We had charter before and it worked great so not understanding why do it again. It can be installed and I want someone to take the time to do this. I will keep complaining until I get someone that knows what they are doing to come and install. I have the conversation with... Read more

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Charter Communications - Review in Media category from Saint Peters, Missouri
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OMG the cable installer was as dumb as mud he was asking me were the cables were to be found. He drilled 11 holes into my siding after I told him several times I didn't want a lot of holes in the siding and gig rigged a clamp to the side of power box left wires exposed o weather and my dogs to get at. Then he took down a section of my finished ceiling exposing multiple wires and left to sections just hanging and left a section open were my cat could get up in ( he can jump onto the top of my 7 ft china cabinet)he then drilled holes into... Read more

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4 days late with bill and was called 27 times and continued even after bill was paid. Internet is spotty. It works when it wants to. Add comment

Have used Charter for 3 years and each year my bill doubles in price whuch makes it hard to budget. When our internet or cable service drops, Charter fails to accept blame. I am fed up with their poor service. Add comment

I'm a Charter new user. Charter install internet in 3-16-16, 4.30 PM. First bill due by 4-5-16, 3-15-16 to 4-5-16 , only 20 days. I was full pay . Second bill due by 4-26-16. from 4-5-16 to 4-26-16, only 20 days For my statement, charter bill cycle is 20 days. 20 days billing cycle. In April I need pay 2 bill ?! only 40 days I pay 2 months fee?!! What's monthly payment? I call charter payment department, ask for what is monthly payment. Why my statement is 20 days bill cycle ? No explain. Please tell me what can I do ? Charter is not offer... Read more

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Most channels are disgusting and when listening to the music choice channel there's always some ad with bimbos in it. Sick of seeing *** ads and nasty movies. Every movie is full of disgusting x-rated scenes and the music choice channel is full of *** ads like the one with music choice on demand where the bimbos have their big mouths wide open. I think Charter should clean up their act. When I'm off of work there's nothing good to watch except disgusting shows and movies. I'm glad I'm not paying for it in my household. There are a few good... Read more

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I am surprised at the amount of negative reviews. In southere CA Charter id #1 in service . When I have a problem with cable box I call for help and have never received bad service. The technician will stay on line until it is corrected. I am technically deprived yet they work me. O the rare occasion,actually only once home service on time,well behaved technician job completed. Can't say enough. I wish I could receive this level of service from phone company,or Macy's. Good job Charter. THANKS. Read more

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Charter phone calls have got to stop. I am a rather reasonable person who likes to give others the benefit of the doubt. As someone who also works in sales, I, too, spend 4-5 nights a week cold-calling (because I have too) on behalf of the university I work for. Charter calls my cell 1-3 times a month, usually while I am calling for work, too. On this particular call I just ended with a customer rep, the woman on the other line did not accept that I was "at work and now is not the best time to talk". My supervisor can hear my calls, and I want... Read more

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The new guide that is in use is worthless. I have to stand 3 feet away from the TV to be able to see it, it doesn't have the same features as the old guide, there is at least a 3 second delay when you press the guide button.With the old guide, you could see whats on other channels and still watch the program you had on, that's not possible with the new useless guide. You used to be able to press the guide button twice and it would show what is on any given channel for the next several hours, not so with the new useless guide. To top it off,... Read more

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The channels dont match up with whats on after 12 am Add comment

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