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  • May 16
  • Media
  • White Salmon, Washington
  • Service Agreement
  • 29

We have been long standing customers of Charter cable TV and internet for over 10 years. First it was Charter's stunt to force those of us who had limited basic cable TV to install cable boxes next to each TV (and eventually charge for each cable box). Then came their revised Terms of Charter's Service Agreement that requires customers to agree they cannot participate in a class action lawsuit... Read more

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  • May 15
  • Media
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Bundle Package
  • 23

The worst experience of my life. Im a hard working single woman that works hard for eveything i have. I recently moved and added charter bundle to my new condo. While at work i had a family member let charter in (i thought) to install my cable and internet. Well as a surprise to me charter sent 2 technicians from another company to my home. Long story short i came home to a personal cell phone... Read more

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  • May 14
  • Media
  • Bisbee, Arizona
  • Cable Service
  • 17

After being a charter customer for almost 15yrs 1 of their technicians "accidentally" disconnected my cable line while they were working on the lines this morning,i called charter and spoke with customer service and was told that it will be saturday before it could be reconnected(the tech was right down the street at another spot in the same line),after telling them that he was right there they... Read more

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  • May 13
  • Internet
  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • Internet Service
  • 21

I've had issued with my internet all this year and some of last year. I would come home from work to find my internet down. I would call Charter's office and they would take me through the ritual of disconnecting the back of the router, or pull the yellow cord out, the cable connection out, cut everything off. Then wait so many minutes and cut back on or put back into the computer. After a... Read more

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  • May 11
  • Media
  • Saint Charles, Missouri
  • Business Bulk Service
  • 16

We pay over $12,000 that's right $12,000 per month to Charter for Business Bulk Service and anytime we try to call we can't get in touch with a manger or anyone for that matter to help us. They don't recognize our accounts (remember $12,000)and can never get to anyone who does. If our residents call in they are rude to them and tell them the Landlord needs to call but when we do we can't get... Read more

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Charte suck cutomer service on phone blowes. Everyone on front line is a++++ Add comment

  • May 06
  • Media
  • Dacula, Georgia
  • Bundle Service
  • 34

Charter does not value existing (I add long standing) customers! They will not offer any discounts to existing customers so that they can compete with what is offered to new customers. Yes, the new customer rates look great, but after the honeymoon is over they will charge very high non competitive prices. What kind of customer service is that? Why do they not want long standing happy... Read more

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  • May 04
  • Television/ Radio
  • Plover, Wisconsin
  • Cable Television
  • 2
  • 2
  • 27

We are experiencing regular outages, from brief interruptions to a few minutes up to an hour. We cannot reach anyone to understand why nor get help or answers when they occur. Its my experience that all cable companies have poor customer service. Charter is terrible. We tried reaching out for help online but there was no "live chat" available. When we call the 888 number, as suggested by website,... Read more

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  • May 02
  • Television/ Radio
  • Bridgeton, Missouri
  • Broadcasting
  • 37

This company is the worst. We have company over to watch the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight. As soon as the fight was to start the thing froze. Could not get through to customer service of course. I call dispatch they had me on hold for more than an hour tryin to get charter.... to no avail. Once we get a hold of them they will say that they're sorry for the inconvenience and credit you for the... Read more

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I have been with you all for 2 weeks and my cable has been out 3 times and a replacement of all the boxes and guess what! On fight night it's out again..Really..going back to dish.. Add comment

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