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It seems as though every time I call Charter about my television, I have problems with my following bill. The last time I was assured my bill would be lowered, but my following bill included charges for cable boxes I did not have and a DVR I did not want. When I called to have the DVR service removed, I was told I would be charged $34.99 to correct a mistake made by their customer service... Read more

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Billing practice bs. I ordered tv. Only bill was. 120 paid on the 20th. Of january 2016. Then i get. Billed american 80.00 the. Bill. Isv due. The 10th of feb th ats 18. Days. Not 30 freaking You days left then there. Is the 29 r h if fevruary american where is my. 30 vday s Add comment

I have been a charter customer for a very long time charter is giving tv for29.95 per month and internet for 29.95 per month I have to pay 150.00 per month for the same service I am on a fixed income and cant afford the high price . I called customer service and was told that nothing could be done Help Help Help Help Help Help Help thank you roger chicoine Read more

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The only thing is i get payed every 3 rd of the month and i go right in and pay my bill but they turn it off for one day so iam with out tv for about24 hours just so they can turn it right back on its makes me kinda mad but when i tell them ill be in to pay i will they should give people untill the the3 rd of each mouth.people like me who is on a fixed income i live in lincoln city oregon thank... Read more

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Jan.5, 2015 I switched to Charter based on their 'no contract' offer & was told by the Rep. my first year (TV, Phone & Internet) would be $120, second year, $130 & third year would be $140. Well, Dec.'15 my Bill went to $140, Jan.'16 my Bill went to $160 & my Feb.'16 Bill is $180!! When I called about the increase to $140 in Dec. the Rep. said the Rep. who quoted me the original prices was... Read more

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Your cable t.v. service is the worst. I have not been able to view a single show without some kind of single breakup. It is both sound and picture. I am truly considering a more expensive, but reliable provider. I know they are a new provider, but to compete, you need to be worht a s*!t. Get it together!! Add comment

I do not have charter and just got my cell phone and ebery 45 sec. Charter pop ups telling me my past do. Its interfearing with my internet,phone calls ,texting and all around effects my cell phone. I called twice now and it should of been resolved the first time. Add comment


Things started well enough for the Internet/phone service order at our new house in Southern California. The Installer arrived on time (on Moving Day, no less, while the truck was being loaded at the other place). He was pleasant, competent, fast, and had the entire place wired and ready to go with a minimum of fuss. Then he discovered that the cable running from the node directly across the... Read more

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We have been a NEW BUSINESS CUSTOMER for less than a month, we installed the cable service before the TV was here. Now the remote will work with the TV but not their cable box. Two times I have called support to get help setting up remote but one tech didn't know how and kept me on the phone for an hour reading the book - the other couldn't understand why it wasn't working. Called in to make an... Read more

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Customer service was so bad, I thought I was being pranked for a hidden camera show. Every bit of info incorrect. While waiting to speak with a supervisor, after my wife had spent 45min talking to a ***, she handed the phone to me. I sat while the customer service rep we were speaking to chatted with her coworkers, she was saying oh its some white girl thinks she be somebody. Wake up charter,... Read more

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