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Now since Spectrum came in they *** that up. Now its around 2-12 down and .50 to .80 up. I lost some of my tv channels because I have a smaller package and said " I need to UPGRADE my tv plan. " I pay TWC a respectful amount per month for both tv and internet. I pay them almost 130 dollar per month then Spectrum comes and *** it up so now I'm paying almost 190 dollars per month. With this I can't even downed without it just sitting...
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I tried to cancel service because we are in the military and moving.I have the account number, security code, name, address and phone number. My spouse is deployed---but his name is on the account so I can't get it cancelled. I pointed out to the customer service agent that if I had another male in the house, he could cancel it...but I cannot because I am female. This company is definitely not military friendly. I feel they put up roadblocks to...
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I pay for 60 mbps internet and never reach over 10.I call customer service and and never get any resolution other than unplug modem and reboot. My bill has continued to go up over the years but the sercie continues to decline. Although it doesn't affect the ability to use the internet on my computer, my children cannot play their video games because the service is so horrible. I pay a lot of money for their best internet service and get 1/10th...
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So I went from Charter Residential to Spectrum Business since I work sometimes from home. As soon as I set up my email account on the Web Hosting Site they shut off my residential account. In order to complete the process I should have received an email for ICAN to confirm my account. Since they shut down the Charter account so quickly I never got this I CAN email. Now my email is shut off....for 6 days now. I've tried to tell them 4 times...
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In November of 2015, our business had both voice and data installed. Service has been good. One week after the install (Now December 2015) the permanent cable was installed under ground. It was not until we followed up with them in mid April did they promise to send someone out that week to move us from the temp cable that was laying across the lawn to the one that had been buried over 5 months previously. Someone arrive that week but will...
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