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My elderly parents do not have cable tv, so I decided that I would get them an early Christmas present and have Charter Cable installed for them. After talking to someone regarding what package I wanted, I was offered to get a few movie channels for an additional $5.00 per month.

I agreed to do so, which would have put my bill to $49.99 per month. I gave them my debit card number at that time and they immediately debited my account for $79.99 for the installation fee and first months service. When the installer got to my parent's home, he informed them that there was "no $5.00 per month movie channels" and now the cost had increased $40.00 per month from what I was told. The service was immediately cancelled, and I contacted the Charter office to find out what was going on.

After holding numerous times, I finally got the department I needed and they were going to "check" on it and call me back, which never happened. After calling them for 7 weeks regarding a refund, I finally got to speak to someone who said my $79.99 had been credited to my account on or around July 29, 2011. To date, my bank does not reflect a credit from them. After speaking to yet another person today, I was told to get my bank statement to them to prove that it had not been deposited and then they would take a look at it!!!

I refused to fax my bank statement with account numbers, etc. to them or anyone else, so now it looks like I am out $79.99. This is the most incompetent company I have EVER seen in my entire life.

I have Comcast Cable and am so proud that I do. Hopefully, these counties that have contracted with them will think twice about it and get someone that has integrity, honesty and for sure a customer service department that cares about the customers.

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