I have Internet through Charter--I can't stand them. They have the most unreliable service I've ever had--worse than dial-up back in the early 90s.

Before I moved into my current area, I had Verizon. As a matter of comparison, I recall I was down only once in my 5 years of service. With Charter, I am down nearly every single day. Sometimes it's only once for a few minutes, other times it is 5 or 6 times a day.

Some days, like today, it is down for several hours. Occasionally, I can go almost a week with full connectivity, though it's been a couple of months since that happened. It's completely random. I called to complain today and they told me that they are doing preventative maintenance on the system that should take somewhere around a week to complete...but it may take up to a month.

Insult to injury, I am constantly solicited to upgrade my features and services. Oh how I wish I could fire these people...

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