I switched my phone to Charter after my old landline company failing to fix my phone line after 4 (yes, 4) attempts to do so. The tech came out, was in my basement for a while, then came up to say he was done.

I asked him to call my phone. When he did, it did not ring but went directly to voicemail. He went back downstairs, then came back up to say that he had forgotten to hook the new phone modem up to the phone line (!!!). He then called and it rang through.

He went back downstairs to check something, came back, said everything was working, and left. A few days later I realized I had not received any phone calls. I went to the basement and found the outgoing ethernet was now hooked in to the wrong jack on the phone modem. Even worse, though, was the way it had been connected - with a torn, falling apart wire.

Photo included! This, my friends, it the professional installation Charter does.

Product or Service Mentioned: Charter Communications Installation.

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that's twisted pair wiring. While sloppy in appearance, it is entirely functional and in no way affects the proper operation or reliability of the connection.

The other two wires in the cable are not used and can be enabled in the future for a second service line.

If it makes you happier, you can take a scissors and cut of the orange an other white wires and the loose shielding. Not that it will make a lick of difference in the quality of the connection.


I don't think it's fair to blame an entire company off of 1 technician's lazy choice.

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