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On May 31 2018 at 10:32AM I lost Internet service. I rebooted my modem trying to troubleshoot the problem.

When I could not solve the problem I called customer service. After having me reboot the modem again, I was told there was an open ticket in my area because of problems with the Internet. The man on the line told me to wait and it should be back up by the end of the day. This was a huge inconvenience for our family, as we need internet for work and my husband had to find Internet elsewhere to continue working.

At 10:00PM still no Internet so I called customer service once again. The representative set up a technician for June 1st between (3-4pm) to come to fix the problem. When the tech arrived he checked out the modem and went into my attic to check the line, then he headed out to the box near the road to check it. He informed me that a filter was placed on my Internet line this he said it was common practice for Charter employees to ride around neighborhoods with devices and when they find noise on the line they put a filter.

However they do not contact their paying customers to notify them that they are shutting off their Internet. I confirmed on my security cameras that on May 31st, 2018 at 10:29 am a charter truck pulled up and tech began working in the box at 10:32 am, the exact time that my Internet died (FYI I was at home all day). I am not an unreasonable person I understand that they are trying to improve their service to all their customers; however, The technician did not bother to walk up my driveway to notify me that this is what needed to be done and apparently they do not report back to Charter because customer support was unaware that the line had been filtered. So now I have 2 days of no Internet and my husband is inconvenienced again.

On June 1st, it took the technician less than 10 minutes to locate the problem with the cable in the attic and correct the issue. Had the idiot that was placing filters on the line the day before walked up to my door and notified me, I could have called customer service with that information and had a technician immediately setup to fix the problem. I tried to call the corporate office to notify them of my issue; however, unless you know someone's extension or their full name the phone calls get routed back to customer service. So once again I talked to customer service and she said they would credit my account for the 2 days I was without service (we will see if that happens, I have my doubts) but that is not going to fix the problem of customers not being notified when a filter is put on their line.

I asked the CSR for a number to contact the Corporate Office and was put on hold and of course when she came back to the phone she said they don't have the number but I could speak to her supervisor. I told her I wanted to speak to someone in corporate and ended the call.

I am sending the corporate office a letter (snail mail) to the address they have posted online I will update my post if I receive a response. Kind of ironic, Charter Communications could have avoided this issue with better communication practices.

I have uploaded screenshots from my security camera of when the filter was placed on my line

Pissed in Houma, LA

Product or Service Mentioned: Charter Communications Internet Service.

Reason of review: No notification when a filter was put on my line for a Internet service I am paying for. Lost Internet for 2 days..

Preferred solution: Charter update their business practices so paying customers are notified when their line is being filtered so the problem can be addressed immediately.

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