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Charter Communications has literally put our family owned business, Divorce & Legal Consultants of Michigan, out of business after nearly forty years. Most frustrating situation I have ever faced.

Have had so many cases opened and talked with nearly every person in the offices (have their names and employee numbers), sent a letter to the main headquarters, filed a complaint with BBB (just recently). This company should be out of business. The only calls we receive are toll-free calls. Our present clients can reach us because they have two numbers in their files - no new business at all.

If you call 411 to this day, they will give you a number completely different than ours and I have, finally after not receiving any calls, called this number they are giving out and it belongs to a young mother (an excuse me, but she is borderline illiterate) and she wondered why she kept receiving calls about divorces! I have even tried to make extra monies by selling antiques on Ebay and they cannot even get through to us.

I am attaching a couple of documents that give more information on this subject. SNAFU - they have a monopoly and it needs to be corrected.

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