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My brother is the account holder on the cable internet. I called in behalf of my brother. Just only asking to verify information regarding Charter cable internet modem setup; if they record the MAC address of the device that was used to initially activate the internet service. I am so sure that Charter uses MAC addresses of computers and DHCP addresses; just wanted to verify.

The CSR got rude after I mentioned calling behalf of my brother. CSR told that they can't provide information on that since I am not an authorized account user. Sucks big time! I am not asking on changing account information, just information so I could set up the cable modem for my brother.

In the end, I had to use Cisco forums to verify the information in setting up the cable modem. It is so sad that Charter CSR is not able to verify that information.

Anyway, leasing a cable modem is a ripoff. Cable modems are not worth leasing since those are pretty cheap.

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If they gave out that info without verifying the account it would be breaking actual laws and the csr would be risking their job.

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