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1 comment sends letters to your customers for fraudulence. I think that you need to act against it. This site may send thousands of letters to fraud your customers for account #, telephone #, user ID and passwords. The site claim a "botnet" malware infection to our computers and other equipment and action required, etc. Here is the letter:


Dear ....

We have detected activity from your modem that one or more of your devices in your home, such as a computer,

tablet, or cell phone, is infected with advanced botnet malware

Please take immediate action to remove the botnet malware by installing Spectrum's

AntiBot Scanner from Spectrum. netlsecurity-5ur

You may also want to install our Security Suite as another tool to protect your network

What is a botnet?

known as the command and control server Botnets, also referred to as"bots, "can be used to steal person rner a

A botnet is a type of advanced malware infection that sits behind the scenes on your device(s). The infection may lie

orman for a period of time, until it is activated to carry out malicious activity by a remote device on the in

information and distribute other malicious types of software(e.g. more malware). Additionally bots can be used to

spread spam, send phishing emails, and enable click fraud as well as distributed denial of service(DDoS)attacks Why is a botnet bad?

These types of infections can have the means of spreading across to other devices connected to your network while

also infecting other devices on other networks without the knowledge of the victim. If your computer(s)is or are

part of a botnet, it is infected with a type of malware that allows it to be remotely controlled for malicious purposes

It is important that every device in the household is scanned to protect friends and family members from becoming victims as well

The capabilities of an infected device include but are not limited to

Keyloggers: Records keystrokes as a victim types as a means of stealing passwords and other

confidential information

Ransomware: Threatens to publish a victim's data and/or locks a victims computer until the victim pays

to have access restored

Phishing Emails: An email disguised as coming from a trustworthy entity that attempts to get a

potential victim to enter their personal information by directing them to a fake website

DDos(distributed denial of service): Allows a network of infected devices/computers to send an overwhelming amount of data to a target network in order to cripple their service (e.g. Twitter)

How did I get infected by a botnet?

Botnet infections can occur in any number of ways. The most common are by downloading an infected email

tachment, clicking on a malicious link or webpage, or by downloading files from unknown sources and/or Peer to


How do I know which device is infected?

If you have multiple devices using your Spectrum modem, you will need to check every device in your home to be sure that you are successful in complexly removing the infection from your home computing environment.

If the AntiBot Scanner cannot remove the botnet or if you have any questions or need further assistance, call us at


Thank you for being a Spectrum customer


uyu uaa/ey

VP, Marketing Communications

92018 Charter Communications

Reason of review: Fraudulent.

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The URLs you have printed and in the image are valid, so your computer(s) probably are running a botnet. Eventually charter spectrum will shut off your service if you don't fix it. If possible pick a real operating system, and stop running "windows."

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