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On 11-22-08 through 11-23-08 I made numerous calls about unsatisfactory service because of an extremely late technician. The service call was for 12 pm -5pm on 11-22-08 and was a transfer of services.

After serveral calls for late service and several promises of credits ($20 x3 and $70), the technician arrived at my home after 9 pm. He appeared inept and continually left tools outside and did not seem to be knowledgeable of wiring in the home. The new service address was previously served by Charter Communications through Oct 2008, but the technician said all lines were "dead" and needed re-wiring for service. I felt as if he were "milking" Charter for his time and me as a customer for unnecessary service and wiring.

Furthermore, for a routine connection, he had allotted a 3 hour time period for my connection (I was told this by a CSR), seemingly suspicious. This techinican left my home at 12:40 am and I still had two cable boxes that were not active. He said he would check on them after church on Sunday. Sunday afternoon he returned and called the problems in to have the boxes activated.

I made complaints and was said to have credits, which are surprisingly not appearing on my billing along with my complaint documentation. Additionaly. I have taken a survey and responded that my service was unsatisfactory. In my years with your company, I have NEVER been so disappointed and dismayed by the lack of professionalism and service.

When calling the customer service line about his extreme tardiness, I was told that the only way I would know that he was not coming that night was if he didn't show up. VERY unprofessional!

I would like a Manager to timely follow up concerning this matter.

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Charter will not let us add Internet to our existing digital cable service because it is in my wife's ex's name. She has been paying the bill for years after he left, has the security code, etc., but they want her to go to their office about 25 miles out of town with the divorce papers to cancel, and said he should go with her!

He would go, but we aren't going to bother him to do that. I am going to threaten Charter and have the account cancelled at month end, and will not pay 1 cent to them after that. After they cancel our service and pickup the cable box, I'll call and order new service under our names. If Charter keeps on being a butt head about this, we'll go AT&T U-Verse or Dish Antenna.

Her ex is a retired cop, and they don't want to deal with him! Good thing we are all on good terms so we can stick it to Charter.

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