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I cancelled my Charter account in 2007 with a credit of $84.92 on the account. I have called countless times and visited the "local" office 30 miles away only to be assured that my check is 4-6 weeks away. 7 years later, I'm still waiting and being assured it's just around the next corner.

I've asked the service reps, "If you were owed $84.92 by charter, what would YOU do to get your money back?" NONE of them have had a good answer. It's always, "I'm sorry you feel that way." Yeah. Me too.

Charter is good at taking your money, but they are not so good at giving it back to you.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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If you're serious about waiting 7 years, just take them to small claims court already. 7 years is a little too long to wait without legal action on your part don't you think?

I once had charter, and disconnected my service after a year with plenty of problems. Most notably their diddly *** customer support reps.

They then magically started billing me for service 3 months later. I called them, they said they had no records of billing me and its just a glitch and do not worry about it. The next month I get another bill with a $150 late payment fee slapped on. Another phone call, they say the same ***.

Third month rolls around and I get a notice from my bank right? Come to find out, that charter accessed my bank account without my authorization and took my funds. I contacted charter and they apologized and said they would reimburse me. At that point they owed me around $350. Few days later they sent me a letter stating they would reimburse me the next month.

Next month arrives. No money. I call them and they tell me I'm lying and they never sent a letter. I took the letter to their nearest office and they said its a fake.

I served them a lawsuit. Took them to small claims and got my money.

I think you should do the same. Especially 7 years worth. You could sue them for interest. Think... 84.90 x 84 (being 7 years) that's over 700,000 they owe you... Wow!

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