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I'll let the transcript of our conversation speak for itself.

Notice that I told her up front that what I wanted, she wasted my time asking for a bunch of verification info, then told me she couldn't do anything anyway.

Whatever policy they have of requiring verification info NO MATTER WHAT you've asked about is absurd and a waste of their time and and mine.


Thank you for choosing Charter Chat Live! A Customer Care representative from General Sales Inquiries will be with you shortly.

You have been connected to DAC Jennifer .

DAC Jennifer : Hello, this is Jennifer with Charter communications, how may I help you today?

Eric Miller: Hi Jennifer. I'm online to look at my bill and am surprised at how expensive it is. Anything you can do for me to keep me from looking at other companies?

DAC Jennifer : I'll be happy to take a look at your account to see what I can do for you.

DAC Jennifer : Do you have your account number available? Or may I have the phone number on the account?


DAC Jennifer : Thank you. One moment

DAC Jennifer : Can I please verify the security code on your account?

Eric Miller: where can i find that?

DAC Jennifer : you can find on the top of your monthly statements

Eric Miller: XXXX

DAC Jennifer : Thank you.

DAC Jennifer : One moment. Let me take a look at your account

DAC Jennifer : Are you interested in getting any new services?

Eric Miller: we only use the internet

DAC Jennifer : I would be happy to assist you in ensuring that you are getting the Best Value for your Money. You have reached our Sales Department and I have access to Upgrade your current services. If you would like to downgrade, disconnect, or try to lower your current rate for your Services, please contact our Customer Care Department at 1-888-438-2427.

Eric Miller: thanks for wasting my time.

DAC Jennifer : Thank you for choosing Charter Communications. Answers to

frequently asked questions and self help options can be found by

looking in the "Customer Help" menu at www.charter.com. If you

have further questions, please chat back with us again. Our chat

support is available from 7 AM through 1:30 AM central time.

Have a great day Eric!

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:zzz pretty happy go lucky girl in this messed up world :upset but PISSED :(

I just now tried to chat w/Nancy about my phone & internet problems on-going since 4-31-10 ....dis-connected or internet unable to display web pages... I am PISSED ... this is copird & pasted from a survey screen that came up when I was disconnected from chat w/Nancy, who I never even chatted w/...

sorry for spelling errors...I'm so stressed...

I was stating my complaint when I was about to click the send button then this survey came up & I never chatted w/anyone. I am so upset w/Charter. I was cut off this time. The last phone call concerning the problrms I'm having w/my service - I was hung up on then-when I tried to give my cell # but that person connected me w/the auto voice person who could not acess my account so they could not return my call. @##$^& yeah, no duah, that's why I asked him to take my cell #. The last person out here to fix problems I have had on-going since 4-31-10 was supposed to have hios manager call me w/a # easier for me to call about the problem I was having & still I am having-but I have not received that# or I would be using it right now. Ya ll really know how to stress a person out. Now can some one come fix the disconnection problem w/this service ...RIGHT AWAY? I am not treatening - I promise I will get another provider if this is not resolved very soon.....I know this is a survey ...survey this ... I'm very disappointed w/my service Charter is currently providing. Perhaps another provider will appreciate my $155 per month

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