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Why I left Charter after only 3 weeks.

In September I decided to give Charters Triple Play a shot to save some cash.

At that time I was a Direct TV and Vonage (phone) customer and loved both. I only had issues with Direct TV with bad weather.

I went to Charters website and used their chat session to setup my charter plan

By switching to Charter I would be saving close to 40 bucks the 1st year then dropping to 20 bucks the 2nd year and only about 10 bucks the 3rd year.

To switch over my phone to charter the tech sent me a link with questions that I would have to have to electronically sign by checking the yes box. Typical questions about switching my phone number to a 3rd party, 911 service ect……. After filling out this form I got an email confirmation.

Everything it going Great so far.

About 6 days prior to my install day I had to call Charter to let them know I would be about 15 min late to getting home. No problem she said… but wait.. we are missing a form we need for the phone conversion and we need 10 days after your approval of this form. OHHH Kayy?

So we make a second appointment to have the phone switched. Great, another half day of lost pay!!!!

She says stay on the line for the automated questionnaire they need to switch the phone over.

Ok… wait. These questions seem real familiar. I verified after that they were the same questions I answered when I original contacted charter.


So the tech comes on time and sets up my dvr box. Nice guy, shows me how to use dvr ect….

After he leaves I start playing around with the dvr-- WTF –FLASHBACK to the 90's (see list at end that for all the missing features this dvr has compared to the Direct TV DVR)

½ Strike- I figure with the money I'm saving I can live with this for a year. If they don't upgrade dvr by then I'd drop them.

Oh!!! Whats this on the floor – oh the tech cut off the ends of the cable to my satellite dish!!!!!!!

MAJOR STRIKE. I'm still using this.

I call charter to tell them when they come to switch over phone they need to fix this cable.

So the day comes for the phone switch, I think the window was 1:00-5:00.

So I wait , and I wait, and I wait. At 445 I get a call from charter saying the tech is running late and can I stay? " how long?, 45 mins. OK I can stay till 5:45." 6:00 comes and no tech shows up. No phone calls, nothing.. I waited till 6:30. Nothing.

I call them then next morning and *** them out. Rescheduled for the following Wednesday for after 5:30 because I can't take any more time off for this.


So, Sunday night, 3 days prior to my SECOND phone install appointment I get an automated call from charter saying they are missing some document that will prevent them from installing my phone and to call them. I call them and it's the same dam form I've answered electronicly and through the voice. They wait till 3 days to figure out they still don't have it.?????

Need to reschedule--------BS!!!! FU charter. If I treated my customers like you treated me I wouldn't have any HINT, HINT HINT.

Comparison of Charter DVR VS Direct TV DVR

"¢ Price- charter charges 20 bucks for 1 DVR!!!! Direct TV is less then half that for soooooooo much more!!!!

"¢ Record time: Charter- I had less then 10 hd movie and only had 20% free

"¢ DTV – I currently have 52 hd movies and current seasons of SOA,The Walking Dead,American Horror Story, and a couple of football games. And I still have 31% free. Yes it's all in hd.

"¢ Charter has no 30 second advance. Holy *** Batman

"¢ NO hot channels- DTV has 9. No need to use the guide or type in channel number.

"¢ Guild in letter box!!!!!! So you go from HD to SD-letterbox Guide

"¢ Can't modify the guide . I have 3 custome guides in DTV. I don't see channels I don't get or don't want. I don't have to go to "favorites" first

"¢ DTV has a mini guide on bottom of screen

"¢ Apps like youtube,facebook,twitter Pandora ect…. NO Smart TV Required.

"¢ Info on the Cast and Crew of any movie you are watching. I love that.

"¢ Tons more,

Oh but you say- you loose TV when you have Bad weather. NOT anymore- If I loose my picture I just fire up my PC or Ipad and watch it on that LIVE!!!!!!!!!! If I have internet (which is still through charter) I can watch everything (but my locals) that are part of my package.

Speaking of my internet. I've had charter internet for about 12 years- Been paying 55 bucks for 15 MB

I didn't find out that charter offers 30MB for 45 bucks till I switch over. Thanks for F'n me over and not telling me Charter.

I can't see anyreason to use Charter for TV. They are so far behind the other companies and always will be. Their customer service sucks (look it up on the web)

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