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I discontinued Charter Cable Internet service because of continuous down time, billing for service call because I called when service was interrupted, LOUSY, nonexisting, customer service, etc. I had just paid my monthly bill (in advance, as required) and ended up with a $44.33 credit.

After 4 phone calls and a complaint with BBB, Charter tells me I have a $12.33 credit because the deducted $30 for a modem (which I purchased from the local Charter office for $70.00 to avoid rental charges). I told them I owned the equipment and asked why they didn't charge me for rental if it was theirs and asked them to identify THEIR equip with Serial Number. After several minutes silence, Melanie said she would have to call me back. If you need to call Charter, call their Corp.

HQ at 888-266-7618 instead of the number they ask you to call. It wont help but at least they speak English you can understand

Product or Service Mentioned: Charter Communications Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $44.

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dude25, you can NOT get the $43 back if its on account. The call to the BBB had nothing to do with it, ***.

and to Bob Davie...thank you for being an honest person and taking the time to respond to William! Good for you!

Charter is a very bad company to deal with. I hope we can put them in their place....I will be going to court first week of dec.


Let me see if I understand your complaint. Before you stated complaining you had a 43.00 credit and after your complaining to the BBB your credit was reduced to 13.00. It seems like you would have done better taking the 43.00 and keeping your mouth shut.


I use to work at their customer service offices you can go pick up stuff. Let me tell you about your situation.

So back in the day if you purchased your modem, one of 2 things happened why its showing as still rented. One if it was old enough, they had an older system they use to use and when the converted to a newer system, it didn't pull over as owned. Second, the rep you bought it from, never marked the modem as purchased, but took the charge off. Thus creating the problem you have now.

Why does this happen. Well the trainers are by the book as you can get.

They dont teach you what you need to know, that you have to find out by yourself. They just say, scan the modem on, put it in the right placeholder, done end of story.

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