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I have had service for several years --- this past year I was paying around $65 depending on what kind of taxes, fees, and charges they dreamed up --- around the end of the year they informed me that all promotions were being eliminated (a new one came out the next week) and that my bill would increase to $123 --- I asked for the new offer of around $90 but they refused saying that it was only for new customers --- screw the good customers --- last night I watched Bill Moyer & Company and listened to Susan Crawford explain the problem --- it's time to do something about it!

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I have never understood how people always think that companies don't give their "loyal" customers a good deal. EVERYONE is given a promotional rate at first but it ends.

If you go to the grocery store to buy milk and it's on sale, do you expect it to be next week as well? If it's not do you go to the cashier and say "Ive been shopping here for years and have been loyal and I always want my milk on sale" They would tell you NO! When you were a new customer you got that promotional rate, isn't it only fair that everyone be able to get it when they are new?

People are so cheap and always want something for less. Charter is a business after all, if they gave everyone that promo deal forever, they would probably go out of business.

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